New Hampshire City Stepping Up to Host This Year’s Pumpkin Festival

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Another New Hampshire city is stepping up in hopes of becoming the new home for the Pumpkin Festival, which used to be held in Keene until last year's riots pushed city officials to decline hosting it this fall.

Laconia Town Manager Scott Meyers says his city is a perfect fit for the annual festival.

The city and its residents are well experienced in hosting large festivals, including Motorcycle Week, which draws a couple hundred thousand people over the summer, according to Meyers.

Although nothing is official yet, Meyers said Pumpkin Fest organizers visited Laconia to check out possible venues.

"It's a great community, lots of community spirit. We have the experience. I think downtown or down at Wiers is walkable and I think we can put on a great event here," Meyers said.

After the rioting in Keene during last year's Pumpkin Festival, city leaders denied the festival's application for this year.

Meyers said more information will be released at a press conference on Friday. 

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