New Hampshire Commission Approves Bobcat Hunting Season

manchester Bobcat 1200
FILE - Manchester Animal Control

New Hampshire's Fish and Game Commission has approved a bobcat hunting and trapping season after more than a quarter-century, a proposal that's received much opposition and some support.

The commission voted 5-4 Wednesday at a meeting in Concord. Over 100 people attended.

The commission proposed to issue 50 bobcat permits through a lottery. The timing would be December for trapping and January for hunting.

Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts and Quebec have bobcat seasons, although none has the limits New Hampshire proposes.

The decision now goes to a legislative committee for review.

Opponents say there's no need to hunt bobcats. They worry bobcats will be exploited for their pelts and the population could drop again.

Supporters note biologists' conclusions that the bobcat population could sustain modest harvest and still accommodate slow growth. 

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