New Hampshire Considers Ban on Hunting Drones

While several states have already outlawed the use of drones in hunting, New Hampshire may go further and ban so-called "smart rifles" and live-action game cameras as well.

The state Fish and Game Department is holding a public hearing next Thursday on proposed rules involving hunting with the use of emerging technologies.

The rules would ban the taking of wildlife using an unmanned aerial vehicle - bringing New Hampshire in line with several states that have outlawed the use of drones in hunting. The rules also would ban the use of rifles that contain computers that lock in a target, adjust for wind and animal movement and automatically fire. And hunters would not be allowed to locate wildlife using cameras that transmit real-time images to cell phones or computers.

The traditions of hunting dictate that game be taken in the spirit of fair chase, said Martin Garabedian, the department's law enforcement chief.

"We need to establish rules regarding these fast-changing technologies to make sure that people understand that their use for hunting is not appropriate or ethical," he said. "Use of this equipment violates the principle of fair chase because it gives hunters an unfair advantage over wildlife."

A number of states - including Alaska, Colorado, Montana and New Mexico - already have outlawed the use of drones in hunting.

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