New Hampshire

New Hampshire Could Be Getting a Lower Drinking Age

Many young adults look forward to their 21st birthday, because it marks the day they can have their first legal alcoholic drink.

But in New Hampshire, Representative Dan Hynes says the drinking age should be lowered from 21 years old to 20.

"I think 20 is a reasonable lowering amount. 21, I think is just a ridiculously arbitrary amount, and if we look at how old you have to be to do certain things in this state; girls can marry at the age of 13, boys 14, drive at 16," said Hynes.

"It would be nice if it was not held out till you're 21," said Tim Kerns of Concord.

Christine Asbury said, "If you can be 18 and serve in the military than you should be able to drink.

Hynes said he believes the current legal age limit promotes bad behavior.

"I think this has contributed to problems in this country with binge drinking which is dangerous," said Hynes

A member of his party, Representative Frank Sarapeto disagrees with lowering the limit.

"We just see the statistics and that youthful drivers that are drinking are usually more of a threat to the public," said Sarapeto.

Sarapeto wasn't alone in his opposition of the bill.

"I think there's more important things to do than to look at the drinking age right now," said Darren Apichell.

"I just think one year wouldn't make a difference and it's been working so why change it," said Krystal Webb.

Hynes said the bill will not affect federal highway funding, although the bill would drop the legal drinking age to 20. The age to buy alcohol and carry it in the public would remain 21 years old.

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