New Hampshire Man Charged With Kidnapping Woman at Gunpoint

A New Hampshire man faces several charges, including kidnapping, after a woman says she was held against her will and threatened with a firearm.

The victim told investigators in Gilford on Jan. 3 that Russell J. Holliday handcuffed her and chained her to the floor of a residence. 

The victim said she was able to eventually convince Holliday to allow her out of the handcuffs and to relinquish the firearm, giving her enough time to escape.

The victim said Holliday was known to her.

Officers seized a loaded .22 caliber handgun that the victim had taken from Holliday when she fled. Holliday was located a short time later in Moultonborough.

Holliday is being held on $100,000 cash bail. He was arraigned on Monday.

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