New Hampshire Principal Gives New Start to Houston Family

Gary Dempsey, the principal at Pelham High School, starts the 20-hour journey to Houston Friday morning.

Donations are pouring in from across the country to help victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas, but one New Hampshire man had an idea to do more than just send aid.

The Pelham community is coming together to give one Houston family a whole new start.

At Pelham High School, there’s a steady stream of donations for those hit hardest by Harvey.

“They have absolutely nothing,” said senior Alyssa Janak.

It started a few days ago, when Principal Gary Dempsey had an idea to send not only household items, but an actual house.

“I called Campers Inn in Merrimack, they called me back an hour later, and said, ‘We’re in,’ and donated a $29,000 camper,” Mr. Dempsey explained. “Enterprise gave me truck and JetBlue gave me two tickets to fly home. People have been great.”

The camper is like a one bedroom, full bath apartment with a kitchen, complete with a generator and now filled with necessities to help one family start over.

“It’s inspiring,” Dempsey said about the outpouring of support.

“The donations that came in were just incredible, people just want to give back,” said Tracy Musto whose company Liberty Utilities dropped off a trailer full of donations on Thursday.

It seems with each contribution comes a reality check.

“We take for granted everything we have,” Musto said.

“I can’t imagine what they’re going through,” said the Pelham Elementary Principal Tom Adamakos as he carried a box into the camper.

“I’m so lucky, I guess,” said Janak. “I wish I could do more.”

But they’re doing all they can, packing this home with a powerful message for Texas.

“There is faith and hope in everything,” said Pelham junior Olivia Gagnon. “With everyone coming together, anything is possible.”

Dempsey starts the 29-hour journey to Houston on Friday morning.

By Sunday, one family will have a new home and all the extra donations will go to shelters in the area.

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