New Hampshire

19-Year-Old Driver Clocked at 126 MPH in New Hampshire

Alexey Kidney, of York, Maine, told police he was speeding because he was a little late for work

A 19-year-old was clocked driving 126 miles per hour in Greenland, New Hampshire.

When asked why he was traveling at that speed, Alexey Kidney told police he was a little late for work. 

Kidney, of York, Maine, was driving in a 65 miles per hour speed zone on Interstate 95 southbound around 7:30 a.m. Sunday when a New Hampshire State Police officer patrolling from the air noticed his car traveling at an extremely high rate of speed.

The trooper radioed to law enforcement on the ground, who stopped Kidney in his Nissan Altima.

Kidney was arrested and charged with reckless operation.

He is scheduled to appear in the 10th Circuit Portsmouth District Court on Jan. 27, 2020. 

New Hampshire's special enforcement unit patrols across the state and often uses the state police aircraft during commuter traffic periods and holiday travel times with the goal of keeping roadways safe for all residents and visitors.

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