More Than 30 Malnourished Animals Rescued From N.H. Home

No charges have been filed at this time

More than 30 animals were rescued from deplorable conditions at a home in Derry, New Hampshire, and now the SPCA is looking for help to care for all of them.

Tuesday, a white horse grazed at the New Hampshire SPCA in Stratham. His bones were visible under his skin, and his hooves hadn't been taken care of in years; in fact, in a matter of months, SPCA humane agent Steven Sprowl says the horse could've died of starvation.

"When I see this, it just saddens me," Sprowl said.

The horse was just one of about 34 animals seized from a home at 3 McKinley Ave. in Derry.

"It was really unlivable for the animals and the person living there," said Capt. Vern Thomas.

Police say there were feces inside the house, the animals were infested with bugs, neglected, and malnourished.

"We didn't see food or water for any of the animals inside," Capt. Thomas said.

Neighbors say it's been going on for years.

When Kate Blinn thought the smell was bad, there was something worse.

"We had rats coming to our house and sitting on our deck waiting for food," Blinn said. "They were feeding off the animals over there and then coming here.

Friday night police executed a search warrant.

In addition to the horse, officials removed 17 chickens, five birds, a guinea pig, an iguana, three dogs, and six cats. The animal's owner signed over all the animals except the three dogs who are now in police custody until the investigation is complete.

"It's tough for her to part with them, she told us these animals are like her kids," Thomas said.

Police suggest the woman had good intentions.

They're still investigating and haven't yet filed any charged.

"You can't explain to me why a person would allow an animal to get in this shape," Sprowl said. "There is no excuse in the world."

No excuse because there's an open door policy at the NHSPCA.

If you can't take care of your animal you can drop it off.

Officials at the SPCA say because of this case, the vet bills are piling up fast and they're asking for the community to make donations to help.

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