AG: Multiple NH Legislators Purchased Marijuana From State Rep. Facing Drug, Sex Charges

One of those who admitted buying marijuana from Kyle Tasker was former Deputy House Speaker Pamela Tucker

A former New Hampshire state representative facing drug and sex charges allegedly sold marijuana to at least three of his legislative colleagues, according to a report released Friday by the New Hampshire Attorney General's Office.

Kyle Tasker, 30, a three-term Republican legislator from Nottingham, was arrested in March on drug and sex related charges. While searching his home, police found a variety of illegal and controlled substances, including marijuana, hallucinogenic mushrooms and MDMA, all separated, labeled and packaged for sale.

The attorney general's office opened its investigation after learning that Tasker may have attempted to sell drugs to some of his colleagues in the state Legislature.

One of those who admitted buying marijuana from Tasker was former Deputy House Speaker Pam Tucker, a high-profile Republican who ran for New Hampshire's 1st Congressional District seat before suspending her bid in May.

She told investigators that she stopped buying from Tasker "because it was hypocritical to use marijuana when her official position as a legislator was to oppose its use."

GOP state representatives Joseph Lachance and Ted Wright also said they purchased marijuana from Tasker. Lachance told investigators that Tasker was like the "Club Med of weed" and he purchased marijuana from him on six to eight occasions for medicinal reasons.

A fourth state lawmaker, Democratic State Rep. Amanda Bouldin, said she used marijuana with Tasker once, but did not buy drugs from him.

"It is clear as a result of this investigation that Kyle Tasker used marijuana in the State House and sold it to a handful of state legislators, occasionally bringing the drug with him to Concord and distributing it there," the attorney general's report reads. "The AGO's investigation did not, however, uncover pervasive illicit drug transactions at the State House or among elected state officials."

The attorney general's office said there is not enough evidence to bring charges against Bouldin, Tucker or Wright. And it said charges won't be brought against Lachance because medical marijuana is now legal in New Hampshire, and it appears that he purchased it for a "medically appropriate use."

Tasker will also not face any additional charges as a result of the attorney general's investigation. 

In addition to the three drug offenses, Tasker is charged with one count of using a computer to lure a child. Prosecutors say he used social media to lure an undercover police officer posing as a 14-year-old girl for sex between January and March of 2016.

Tasker resigned his post in March.

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