Battleground State Residents Want Relief From the Election

New Hampshire residents are being targeted by campaigns close to election day

In a recently released New York Times survey, eight out of 10 voters polled said this election is “repulsive” instead of “exciting.” For voters in New Hampshire, they say one reason they’re so repulsed, is because they feel like they can’t escape. There are signs on every corner, dozens of fliers in the mail every week, and the phone calls as soon as you sit down for dinner.

“I don’t even answer the phone anymore,” said Manchester resident Neal Brown.

The political messages are pouring in from every direction. There have been nearly 80 mailers in just the last month. One necn viewer got 15 in her mailbox just this morning while another sent us a picture of her fliers in the trash.

“It’s been a lot of mudslinging and pretty disgusting commentary,” said Manchester resident Brittany Hines.

As for the recent poll that shows 80 percent of voters feel “repulsed,” many Granite Staters agree.

“100 percent,” said Manchester resident Henry Pauly.

“It is repulsive,” said Mary MacDonald. “Neither candidate I think is qualified but this is what we got.”

New Hampshire Political Analyst Scott Spradling warns, that sentiment could be detrimental to voter turnout.

“One thing we’ve learned historically from elections is that when people are voting against something there’s a higher likelihood they won’t go out and vote,” Spradling explained.

But this election might buck that trend, at least, according to our non-scientific poll in Manchester on Friday.

We asked the same question all day: “Are you going to vote?”

And all but one person said they plan to head to the polls on Tuesday.

“No absolutely not,” said Derry resident Angela Baslow. “There is no lesser of two evils.”

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