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Bear Gets Paws on Lobster Roll, Scarfs Down New England Treat

The alleged thief left paw prints in the car, but the savory sandwich was gone

Lobster rolls are one of New Englanders' favorite treats — and bears are apparently no exception.

Lobin Frizzell, a real estate agent from Sandwich, New Hampshire, learned this the hard way after a black bear brazenly stole her lobster roll and didn't bother to cover up its tracks.

Frizzell said she had dropped off a client at Portland International Airport in Maine on Sept. 24 and decided to stop at the Bay Haven Lobster Pound in Cornish, Maine, on the way home.

After picking up a lobster roll to go, she picked up her daughter from school and eventually made her way home.

"I kept saying to myself all the way home, 'you'll enjoy it so much more at home, you'll sit, it'll be perfect,' you know," Frizzell recalled.

She began making dinner, forgetting the savroy snack was still in the car with the window down.

Upon returning to her vehicle, Frizzell discovered her sandwich was missing and she was greeted with paw prints on her car and car seat. The real estate agent believes a bear seized its opportunity to eat the delicacy by hopping through the open window to feast on it.

"I literally went to the idea of him sitting in there with his arm on the armrest and his big paws on my sandwich," Frizzell said laughing. "I was just really, really... I was bummed."

Getting a kick out of her own bad luck, Frizzell took to Facebook, posted pictures of the bear's prints on her car seats, and wrote, "Naughty bear, dumb me."

That post took off. Since then, she's heard from people and media outlets across the region.

"Everyone has just been really fun and it makes them laugh and that makes me so happy," Frizzell said.

She said the bear left the containers behind, but otherwise was a perfect gentleman.

"He did leave me three French fries so I thought that was kind," Frizzell said.

And although she's left with a hankering for a lobster roll, Frizzell admits this story might be worth the stolen sandwich.

"There are little funny moments in life and you need to pay attention to them," Frizzell said. "They are important."

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