Clinton Pushes for NRA Alternative at N.H. Rally

All New Hampshire lawmaker Molly Kelly had to do was say, "How about that debate?" That was enough for the crowd that gathered for Hillary Clinton's town hall meeting go wild at Keene State College.

Having scored debate points on the issue of gun violence, Clinton stuck with that theme, starting with a disclaimer.

"I'm not against guns," she said. "My dad taught me to shoot when I was a little girl. I've even gone duck hunting in Arkansas, standing in the cold water - at sunrise."

Clinton called on elected officials "intimidated" by the National Rifle Association to take a stand on sensible gun laws and encourage responsible gun owners to organize an NRA alternative - one that does not use "scare tactics."

"They just scare responsible folks into thinking that, you know, the black helicopter is going to land in the front yard and somebody's going to show up and take your guns," said Clinton. "That is nonsense."

The Clinton campaign is feeling emboldened following a series of polls - including a new Boston Globe/Suffolk University poll which shows 54 percent thought Clinton was the winner of the Democratic debate, compared with 24 percent for Bernie Sanders.

"Bernie's a good guy. Don't get me wrong, I mean, I have a lot of friends that - we go back-and-forth and discuss it," said Gail Cushing, a voter from Richmond. "I still believe that Hillary is the person for the job."

The Clinton frenzy is only expected to grow now that the latest poll shows her back on top in New Hampshire.

The Globe/Suffolk poll shows Clinton reclaiming the lead in New Hampshire, edging out Sanders 37 to 35 percent.

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