Driver Arrested After Leading Police on Chase, Ramming Cruiser

The incident began in Manchester, New Hampshire, and continued into Nashua

A Nashua, New Hampshire, man is behind bars after leading police on a high speed chase from Manchester to Nashua.

George Bally, 60, was tackled by police when he tried to run from his vehicle that got stuck in a mud puddle.

State Police Lt. Paul Hunt tells necn that the ordeal started in Manchester around 11 a.m. Monday. Hunt says Bally pushed his passenger out of his moving vehicle. A witness called 911 and police were on the look out. Hunt says minutes later, Bally sped south on I-293 where he almost side swiped two troopers working a construction detail. Those troopers started the pursuit.

Lt. Hunt says Bally then made his way to the Everette Turnpike, avoided spike strips at the Bedford tolls, and then brought the chase into Nashua.
That's where NECN cameras caught were rolling.

Crews watched as Bally side swiped a man in a white sedan. The man appeared to be okay, but his car was damaged.

Bally, in a black Jeep Grand Cherokee, rams into a police cruiser, and the pursuit continued. Lt. Hunt says they took all necessary precautions to try to ensure the public's safety.

"The Nashua Police Department did a great job of making sure roads were shut down and a limited amount of cruisers continued in the pursuit," he explained.

The suspect's last turn was down a dirt road, right behind Bea Farland's home.

"I was upstairs in my bedroom," she said. "I saw the car and the police car with all the lights."

Farland's lived in the neighborhood for a half of a century and says she can't remember a day quite as wild as this.

"It's kind of scary especially when you're alone," Farland said.

Just feet away from her home, Bally smashed into a fence and then got stuck in a mud puddle. He tried to run but police tackled him before he could put any other lives in danger.

"That is amazing and thank God for that part anyway," said neighbor Darlene McManus.

Bally is facing several felony charges including Possession of a Controlled Substance, after police found drugs in his Jeep.

Bally will be arraigned in Manchester on Tuesday morning.

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