Man Charged With Killing Parents Held Without Bail

A probable cause hearing is set for June 19 for Matthew Dion

A New Hampshire man accused of killing his parents, who was on the run for 15 months, finally faced a judge in Manchester Friday.

Matthew Dion is being held without bail in the city where he allegedly strangled his mom and dad inside the home where they all lived together.

"We miss them a lot, we all do," said Roger Mitchell, the victims' nephew. "You're just so used to seeing them everyday, talking to them all the time."

In court Friday morning, as the murder charges were read aloud, Dion didn't flinch.

Mitchell thinks it's because he's guilty.

"Whatever they did for him was never enough," said Mitchell. "He always wanted more, and if he didn't get it, he was always nasty to them."

Prosecutors say Dion strangled his parents sometime between March 19 and March 22, 2014. Mitchell believes Dion was living in the house until he set fire to it on March 24 and fled the state.

"There's no words on that, just terrible to know the bodies were there the whole time," Mitchell said.

After a 15-month manhunt, federal agents caught up with Dion on June 3, working at a hotel in Florida.

He arrived back in the Granite State late Thursday night to face the several felony charges against him.

"Relief that he is finally caught and we are going to get some of the answers to the questions about what happened," Mitchell said.

Dion is also charged with three counts of possessing child pornography.

Because these are felony charges, he didn't enter a plea and no bail has been set.

Dion is due back in court on next Friday.

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