‘I Can't Believe This Happened': Crime Spree Victim Speaks Out

Jonathan Calvin, the 31-year-old suspect in Friday's crime spree in Nashua, New Hampshire, is still being held in Massachusetts as a fugitive from justice.

While he awaits his arraignment, his victims are dealing with insurance companies and doctors appointments.

For the first time since the crash, victim Adam Fontaine takes us through the horrific ordeal step by step.

"Oh my God, I can't beleive this happened, I can't believe I was involved in this," Fontaine said Monday afternoon.

He was running a few errands before the weekend Friday afternoon, when he says things took a terrifying turn.

"I just heard this loud bang and felt a jolt," Fontaine recalled. "There were pieces of cars flying all over the place and this horrific noise, it was just awful."

He showed us the photos he snapped of the scene and his badly damaged white BMW stuck on the highway. Fontaine was one of several innocent people who fell victim to Calvin's violent crime spree on Friday.

"I think I was the first or second car that got smashed into," Fontaine said.

Nashua Police say Calvin stabbed a woman and stole her car before taking them on a high speed chase and smashing through traffic on the Everett Turnpike.

Fontaine shows us what was left of the stolen vehicle after Calvin was ejected.

"You couldn't even tell it was a car anymore at that point," Fontaine said.

He says after the chaos, there was a quiet confusion.

"It was just dead silence and very strange and people were crying," Fontaine remembered.

Victims were shaken up as they looked at the dramatic aftermath of mangled cars and a debris covered highway.

"It was just all very surreal, very surreal," Fontaine said.

Fontaine says despite a sore back and some emotional distress, he feels lucky Calvin's crime spree didn't claim his life or someone else's.

"It was real and it was horrific," Fontaine said. "The best thing is that everyone was okay."

Fontaine says he has been to the doctor for a sore back and neck and now has anxiety every time he gets in the car.

Calvin will be arraigned later this week.

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