New Hampshire GOP Gubernatorial Candidates Hold Contentious Debate

Candidates debated infrastructure, Planned Parenthood and the state economy

In the second of four New Hampshire primary debates sponsored by necn, the four Republican gubernatorial candidates met face to face on Wednesday for what turned out to be a contentious debate.

They debated issues from infrastructure, to Planned Parenthood, and the state economy.

State Representative Frank Edelblut said as a businessman and father of seven, his biggest advantage in this race is that he's not a career politician.

"I'm a problem solving business guy and that's why you should vote for me," Edelblut said after the hour-long debate.

Ted Gatsas said as the Mayor of the state's largest city, his experience makes him the best choice for the corner office.

"I have the leadership and the trust and the experience to be governor in this state," Gatsas told necn. "I will bring things to Concord and get things done."

But Executive Councilor and CEO of Waterville Valley Resort Chris Sununu said he's got the experience that matters.

"I'm the only candidate that brings real experience into the corner office and can create policies as a stakeholder," Sununu said. "That's what people want, a governor that actually lives by the rules of everyone else."

Senator Jeanie Forrester said what New Hampshire needs is true conservative change and she promises to see that through.

"Pro-life, pro Second Amendment, limited government, personal responsibility," Forrester said. "I am a tested, true conservative that we need in the corner office."

A hot topic that divided the four candidates was the decriminalization of small amounts of recreational marijuana. Gatsas and Forrester said they strictly oppose it, while Edelblut and Sununu said they'd support the idea.

When it came to questions about supporting their party's presidential nominee, WGIR host Jack Heath forced direct answers from all the candidates.

"Let me go around one more time," Heath said after candidates deflected the first question. "Senator Forrester do you endorse Donald Trump?"

All four eventually said they would, in fact, endorse Trump for President of the United States.

In two weeks, the democratic gubernatorial candidates will fill the seats at the WGIR studio in Manchester.

You can catch that debate on necn August 10.

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