New Hampshire Man Facing Animal Cruelty Charges for Allegedly Shooting Dog

Police say Colton Skorupan turned himself in following an investigation


A New Hampshire man is facing charges after state police say he allegedly shot his neighbor's dog in Mason.

Police said Colton Skorupan, 39, turned himself in on Saturday following an investigation.

On October 15, state troopers responded to a residence after the homeowner said she had called her dogs back inside and noticed one of them had a gunshot wound above his shoulders.

The homeowner said her property is fenced in and believes her dog, Travis, was on her property when he was shot.

Police spoke with Skorupan who said he was with his 6-year-old son when Travis began to run toward them while barking. Concerned for their safety, Skorupan told police he fired his pistol towards the dog.

Skorupan said he was unaware that he had actually struck Travis until the dog's owner confronted him.

Police said there was an estimated 500 foot discrepancy between where Skorupan said he shot the dog compared to where the homeowner thinks the dog was when he was shot.

Based on the investigation, police applied for an arrest warrant charging Skorupan with cruelty to animals.

Skorupan was placed under arrest after he turned himself in on Saturday. He was later released on personal recognizance and is scheduled to appear in Milford Court on January 23, 2017.

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