New Hampshire Water Park Founder Chains Himself to Water Slide to Save Business

The founder of New Hampshire's Liquid Planet Water Park has chained himself to a 30-foot slide.

The founder of a New Hampshire water park chained himself to the top of a water slide Monday in an effort to save his failing business.

"I am not crazy but I have chained myself to the top of the waterpark slide tower here at Liquid Planet in Candia, NH," Kevin Dumont, 46, wrote in a Facebook post Monday. "I am doing this in a last ditch effort to save all that I have created. The bank has foreclosed on me and is auctioning the property on December 2nd so I am staying up here to try and save it."

Kevin J. Dumont

Dumont said he hopes someone who's interested in investing and having part ownership in the locally-owned park will come forward to help pay off the $1.6 million bank loan before the auction, The Union Leader reports.

According to its website, the park has been in business since 2008 and strives to "provide an environment that offers the highest level of safety to our guests."

Kevin J. Dumont

"You all can help immensely by helping to spread the word. Through social media, word of mouth, the press or anything else you can think of. I am not looking for a handout but rather a person, group of people or a company that would partner with me, pay off the bank and save yet another small business from failing. I will be up here 24 hours a day so I will post Info throughout the day," Dumont wrote on Facebook.

He went on to say, "It's very beautiful up here but also pretty lonely, please feel free to call or text or even visit." Dumont wrote a second post Tuesday thanking community members for their support and admitting "last night was a cold one."

Police said they're aware Dumont has chained himself to the slide, but declined to comment on the situation.

The water park was closed this summer because of a bacterial contamination, according to the The Union Leader

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