Northern New England’s “Largest Liquor Store”


The New Hampshire Liquor Commission (NHLC) will be opening northern New England's "largest liquor store" in Nashua, New Hampshire. The proposed liquor store will be 33,000 sq. feet and contain over 7,000 wines and spirits.

The store will be located at 292 Daniel Webster Highway. This new NH Liquor & Wine Outlet is going to replace the nearby outlet at 269 Daniel Webster Highway.

"The opening of this Nashua NH Liquor & Wine Outlet marks an incredible moment for the New Hampshire Liquor Commission and our 11 million annual customers..." said NHLC Chairman Joseph Mollica.

Mollica added, "With its expanded space, enhanced shopping environment, and strategic location, we expect this new store to quickly become one of our top-performing stores, generating $21.5 million annually, which will provide considerable revenue in support of the New Hampshire General Fund."

The new store plans to include a "learning center with multimedia capabilities" and hope to host seminars, tasting events, and employee trainings.

NHLC has also opened other new stores this year across cities from Londonderry to New Hampton, with plans of opening a new outlet in Pembroke in a month. There are also plans of building a new store in Warner, New Hampshire during summer 2017.

The previously largest NH Liquor & Wine Outlet was located in Salem, New Hampshire and opened last year.

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