Officials Investigating Suspicious Death in Danville, NH

Responding officers found a dead adult in the home

Police in Danville, New Hampshire, say they are investigating a suspicious death after a woman's body was found at a home Monday evening.

The victim's family is distraught and searching for answers, but details are few and far between.

"I got a knock on the door this morning," said the victim's ex-husband.

It was a knock that would forever change many lives.

"It was a shock. A real shock. And having to tell [our son] was a bigger shock, it was not fun," said the Massachusetts man who necn is not identifying to protect the victim's identity.

The man now lives in Haverhill with his 21-year-old son. Police told him Tuesday morning that his ex-wife, his son's mother, was found dead inside the Danville home they used to share.

"She was one of the nicest people on God's green earth, that's all I can really say," said the woman's son.

Authorities are not yet identifying the victim, so necn isn't either.

What we know is that she lived at 23 Caramel Drive with a man who neighbors say they've met — a man who is known to police.

Michael Falkenburg has lived next door for more than 20 years. He tells necn there's been no suspicious activity recently, but he noticed an odd smell over the weekend.

"We had been smelling a rubbery, electrical kind of smell, but we smell a lot of different things because people heat with wood, so something like that sticks out," Falkenburg said.

Authorities won't answer any specific questions about the investigation, leaving this father and son desperately searching for answers.

"I don't know if it was an accident, I know literally nothing so far," the son said. "I'm just trying to continue on with life like it always has been, but it's not the same it never will be the same again."

In and email exchange with necn, Assistant New Hampshire Attorney General Geoffrey Ward wrote, "We don't have any specific information to believe that the public is at risk due to this incident, however, we are investigating a suspicious death and no arrest has been made. So, we would advise the public to take that into account as they go about their normal activities and remain cautious and aware of their surroundings."

Officials are expected to release more information after a scheduled autopsy Tuesday evening.

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