Police: Woman Attacks Bank Manager With 3-Hole Punch

Leanne Yerian, 35, of Salem, was arraigned Friday after allegedly using a three-hole punch to attack bank manager

A woman has been arrested after police say she used a three-hole punch to attack a bank manager in Salem, New Hampshire, after a check-cashing dispute.

Authorities say the weapon of choice was whatever 35-year-old Leanne Yerian could get her hands on first.

Salem Police tell necn Yerian used the metal device to attack a manager at Bank of America. Capt. Joel Dolan says it's the first time he's seen an office supply used in such a violent way.

"It was right in front of her, her anger took over, and she picked up the first thing she could get her hands on," Dolan said.

By Friday afternoon, there was extra security outside the branch in Salem.

Dolan says the whole thing started around 4:15 p.m. Thursday when Yerian couldn't get a check cashed.

"She took a three-hole punch, a metal three hole punch, off the desk and assaulted the branch manager," Dolan said. "She then jumped on the manager, pulling her hair, scratching her."

Yerian is also accused of trying to strangle the branch manager and hitting another employee who was trying to intervene.

"People do strange things when they're desperate, they're desperate for that buck," said Salem resident Fred Freitas.

Other residents say as unusual as this story is, these days, not much can surprise them.

"That's unfortunately the way things are right now," said Emily Litcof. "People are doing crazy things like that all the time."

"It's sad, it makes you wonder when you're just doing everyday errands, you always have to be aware of what's going on," said Pelham resident Kara Beauchamp.

Yerian was arraigned Friday morning and is being held at Rockingham County jail on $5,000 cash only bail.

Bank of America will not comment on the situation because it's still under investigation.

It was not immediately clear if Yerian had an attorney.

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