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Plainfield Couple Convicted After 2007 Standoff Could Be Resentenced

A Plainfield couple who led an armed standoff for nine months over their refusal to pay federal income taxes could get a chance to substantially reduce their time behind bars.

Edward Brown was sentenced to 37 years in prison and Elaine Brown was sentenced to 35 years after the 2007 standoff at their 100-acre property. Anti-tax crusaders and out-of-state militia groups rallied to their cause before U.S. marshals posing as supporters gained entry to the home and discovered weapons, explosives and booby traps.

New Hampshire Public Radio reports the Browns could be re-sentenced in light of a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling on penalties for firearms offenses associated with "crimes of violence." The U.S. Attorney for New Hampshire submitted a memo on Monday saying the court should reschedule the case for resentencing.

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