Police in Epping, New Hampshire, Capture Armed and Dangerous Suspect

Police say they have captured an armed and dangerous suspect following a domestic disturbance on Monday night in Epping, New Hampshire.

Christopher Lemear, 25, had last been seen shortly before midnight wearing a black shirt with plaid pajama pants. Police were looking for him in connection with a domestic disturbance late Monday night on Old Nottingham Road where a gunshot was heard by a witness.

Lemear has a criminal history with convictions that include burglary and rape.

The area of Old Nottingham Road near Grassy Lane was closed for several hours on Tuesday as police searched the area. Lemear was captured around 12:30 p.m.

Residents who live nearby said they felt uneasy about the search.

Epping resident Robert Baillargeon said his wife heard some unusual noises around the time police said a witness called 911 reporting a domestic dispute and shots fired.

"She thought she heard a copule of gunshots and it was about midnight," he said.

Northwood resident Marge Daggett said the situation was scary.

"It's more safety-wise at least for the children, that's all I care about is the kids," she said.

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