Poll: Post-Debate, Donald Trump Still Leads GOP Field in N.H.

He's also leading in Iowa, according to another survey

A new poll of GOP voters in New Hampshire shows Donald Trump holding onto his lead in the Granite State following last week's Fox News debate.

The Franklin Pierce University/Boston Herald poll has Trump in first at 18 percent, followed by Jeb Bush at 13 percent, John Kasich at 12 percent, Ted Cruz at 10 percent and Carly Fiorina at 9 percent. Rand Paul is at 6 percent, and Scott Walker, Marco Rubio and Ben Carson are polling at 4 percent.

The poll also showed Chris Christie's support dropping from 10 percent to just 3 percent, despite the fact that he's spent more time in New Hampshire than any other candidate.

A new Suffolk University poll of likely Iowa Republican caucus voters also showed that Trump is holding onto his lead there. The poll had him at 17 percent, followed by Walker at 12 percent, Marco Rubio at 10 percent, Carson at 9 percent, and Cruz and Fiorina at 7 percent. Bush is polling at just 5 percent in Iowa.

Despite the results, Suffolk University's David Paleologos told necn Tuesday that there are indications that those who watched last week's debate are less comfortable with the idea of Trump than they were before.

Among those who watched the debate, Trump and Walker are tied at 14 percent in Iowa.

Paleologos said Marco Rubio and Ben Carson were the two candidates who impressed debate viewers the most.

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