Presidential Candidates and New Hampshire Voters Respond to Trump’s Muslim Comments

At a Town Hall meeting in Salem, New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton wasted no time blasting Donald Trump's plan to ban all Muslims from entering the United States.

She said, "Donald Trump, the Republican front runner, has made a name for himself in the last few months by trafficking in prejudice and paranoia. This is both a shameless and dangerous idea at a time when Americans should be doing everything we can to... Trump is playing right into their hands."

Earlier in the day, also from a New Hampshire Town hall, it was Republican Jeb Bush sharing a similar sentiment. He said, "It's 's not about the blowhards out there just saying stuff, that's not a program, that's not a plan. This is serious business. And we shouldn't along the way do exactly what these radical Islamic terrorists want."

Democratic consultant Jim Demers says, "it hurts the Republicans more than anything because he's out of touch with the way people are thinking."

Demers says Trump's comment only elevates a candidate like Clinton who has years of foreign-policy experience – a point on which even Bush seemed to agree.

Bush said, "All of this helps his buddy Hillary Clinton for sure."

Back at Hillary Clinton's event, there were not many, if any, Trump supporters.

Glenda Hamilton, an undecided voter said, "I just feel really sorry that we are a country that was based on the freedom of religion and now we're going back on that."

Others, like John McCullough of Pelham, didn't want to engage on the topic at all. He said, "I am not talking about it. It's the dumbest thing I ever heard in my life and I want to hear from smart candidates - I'm not going to talk about stupid stuff"

Some are questioning if this could be the tipping point for Trump – the point at which his poll numbers start to drop. But Republican analysts say, until the Republican field is knocked down to two or three candidates, Trump is likely to stay on top. 

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