Stepfather Charged With Murder of Celina Cass

Wendell Noyes is scheduled to be arraigned on Tuesday afternoon

It's a shocking development in the Celina Cass murder mystery, as her stepfather Wendell Noyes is officially charged with causing the 11 year old's death.

It the first time we have seen Noyes since his step daughter Celina Cass was found dead back in 2011. It's also the first time that Cass's mother has seen her ex husband.

As you can imagine it was a difficult day for her, but one she says has been a long time coming.

"I hope he rots in Hell," said Louisia Cass. "He deserves every bit of what's coming to him, I want the death penalty."

Celina's mother sat in court Tuesday afternoon, once married to the man who prosecutors say caused her daughter's death by "submerging her in the Connecticut River," in 2011.

Cass told us there were never any warning signs when they were together.

"My kids all got along with him, it seemed like a perfect family," Cass said.

Celina was last seen at her home in West Stewartstown on July 25th, 2011 watching TV with her mom.

"I was rocking her in my chair the last time I saw her alive," Cass said through tears.

The next day, she was gone. During the search, crews scoured the area.

Divers found Cass's body in the river days later. The case has remained open and active for all this time.

"Celina has stayed in our hearts and she will remain there for the duration of this case," said New Hampshire Associate Attorney General Jane Young.

Louisa Cass says she's always believed the investigation would lead to Noyes and that she's been waiting for this moment for years.

"I just want justice," she said. "It's been five years, I didn't think it was ever going to come."

Noyes was arrested at the state psychiatric hospital Monday night where he's been staying since last year.

The judge granted the defense's motion for further mental evaluations before moving forward with court proceedings.

No plea was entered and bail was not discussed.

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