Stripper Removed From NH Road Sign

If you've driven on a New England highway, you've seen them — the blue signs telling you what you'll find off the exit. Most of these direct people to specific businesses or destinations. One in New Hampshire, however, created more questions than answers this Labor Day weekend.

The "attractions" sign at Exit 5 on Route 101 westbound had no words — just the silhouette of a stripper on a pole.

"When I first saw the sign I thought the state had gotten too open-minded in applying the new sign law," Steve Duprey, a prominent Concord businessman and Republican in the state, told the Union Leader. "Aside from being inappropriate for a highway sign, I thought it was sort of a good prank and suspected that traffic off Exit 5 into Raymond probably hit record highs."

New Hampshire Department of Transportation spokesperson Bill Boynton tells the paper that the image was not authorized for the sign — it was a large sticker or decal that had been slapped on.

How long it stayed up remain unclear — the sign had been blank for some time. When transportation officials were notified, they quickly removed the stripper.

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