Trump, Sanders, Cruz Deemed Eligible for N.H. Primary

The challenge against Trump said his positions and statements do not align with the Republican party

New Hampshire's Ballot Law Commission decided Tuesday that Democrat Bernie Sanders and Republicans Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are eligible for the state's presidential primary ballot.

The group met Tuesday to take up complaints that had been filed against the candidates.

The challenge against Cruz, a Texas senator, alleges he's ineligible to run for president because he was born in Canada. Cruz's mother was born in Delaware, giving him U.S. citizenship upon birth.

The complaint against Sanders, a Vermont senator, says he cannot run in the Democratic primary because he is a longtime Independent. The filing paperwork requires candidates to say they are a registered member of the party from which they're seeking the nomination.

The challenge against Trump says that his positions and statements do not align with the Republican party.

The Union Leader reports that the Ballot Law Commission dismissed all three challenges, meaning Cruz, Sanders and Trump will a ppear on the primary ballot.

Julia Barnes, state director for the Sanders campaign, issued the following statement after the commission handed down its decision.

"The commission's ruling today ensures Bernie's name will be on the New Hampshire ballot, and puts this issue to bed for good," she said. "For our part, we'll keep our attention where it always has been: on making calls, knocking doors and spreading the Senator's message about a political revolution that finally takes on the billionaire class to put working families first."

The New Hampshire primary is scheduled to be held in early February.

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