US House Candidates Frank Guinta, Rich Ashooh Kick Off First Debate in New Hampshire

Incumbent Frank Guinta and challenger Rich Ashooh took part in hour-long debate

The first debate between New Hampshire's First District congressional republican candidates, incumbent Frank Guinta, and challenger Rich Ashooh, took place on Wednesday morning in Manchester.

It was a heated, but civil debate between the two republican challengers at the hour-long debate at the WGIR studios.

"Right now voters are extremely frustrated and that derives from a lack of trust," Ashooh said.

Frank Guinta appeared to be on the defense regarding last year's campaign finance scandal that he said shouldn't concern voters.

"Look this is a six-year-old complaint that I apologized for six years ago," Guinta said." "I settled a year and a half ago. It's resolved, it's done."

Ashooh did not seem to be buying it.

"Frank knew exactly what he was doing and hasn't been forthcoming," Ashooh said. "If you're right, you fight, you don't settle."

Time and again during the debate, the conversation led the candidates back to gun control.

"I think we need to be paying a great deal of attention to how the FBI vets some of these individuals," Ashooh said.

Both agreed that the country has enough laws on the books, but the issue is enforcement.

"You don't go after the Second Amendment, you go after the criminal," Guinta added.

Guinta said the reason he's a better choice is simple.

"I have long list of accomplishments, fighting against the EPA when it comes to different waterways in our state and the fishing industry, repealing the Cadillac Tax," Guinta said. "I have the experience and I actually have the tested leadership and results."

But Ashooh claims as a former businessman, he's got the experience that matters.

"My background with more than 20 years experience with New Hampshire's largest manufacturer, I know what works and what doesn't when it comes to the economy, and National Security," he said.

This is the first of four debates sponsored by Necn.

Up next are the Republican candidates for Governor on July 27th.

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