Woman Allegedly Kicks, Spits at Police

Stephanie Farley of Weymouth, Mass. faces several charges

A Massachusetts woman faces several charges after allegedly kicking a police officer, and spitting on another.

Authorities arrived at 111 Tory Rd. in Manchester, New Hampshire, on Saturday for a disorderly conduct call for service.

Stephanie Farley, 29, of Weymouth was found standing outside of the residence.

According to the affidavit, Farley was acting hysterically, while yelling profanities at no one in particular. Officers approached her, but she was uncooperative. The resident of the home claimed he answered the door when Farley knocked, because she claimed she needed help.

The homeowner said once inside, Farley yelled something and immediately fled the house, so he contacted police.

When police advised Farley to refrain from acting disorderly, she refused and was taken into custody. Authorities say she became combative, and refused to comply with the handcuffing procedure. She allegedly kicked one officer in the leg, and spit on another officer.

Police found 7 methadone pills and 7 Gabapentin pills.

Farley was charged with two counts of simple assault, possession of a controlled drug, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest/detention.

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