New Hampshire

Officials Release Footage From Deadly Police-Involved Shooting

Two state troopers are justified in a deadly shooting at the New Hampshire State Liquor Store in June, according to the state's attorney general.

At the Hampton Police Department Thursday, Attorney General Gordon McDonald released surveillance video as proof that those two troopers who opened fire felt imminent danger.

On the afternoon of June 13, surveillance cameras capture 36-year-old Barry Jones adjusting a weapon in his waistband. The investigation reveals that Jones then texted his ex-wife that it's time for him to "check out."

With the information that Jones was armed, intoxicated and dangerous, troopers carefully confronted him. From a distance, police ordered Jones to drop the weapon several times, but he refused.

"You'll see him reach into his waistband for about four second, and then he pulls out a weapon," explained Assistant Attorney General Ben Agati.

That's when the two troopers fired five shots. Three of them struck Jones. While Jones lies motionless on the ground, you can see officers creating a human shield to escort innocent shoppers out of harm's way.

Within minutes, Jones was taken into custody, and rushed to a nearby hospital, where he died.

Authorities say it all started at about noon that same day when Jones stole a pickup truck from his neighbor. Jones' family called 911 reporting that he had been drinking and was armed with a handgun.

"He was agitated, anxious and intoxicated," Agati explained.

Within a half hour from that call, troopers caught up with Jones in the liquor store parking lot.

Jones weapon turned out to be a pellet gun, but Attorney General Gordon MacDonald says that did not impact the findings of this investigation.

The two troopers involved in the shooting are still on administrative leave and will be allowed back to work as soon as they're ready.

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