New Hampshire

NH Woman Kicks, Spits at Officers During Arrest for False 911 Calls, Police Say

The incident on Saturday came a day after the woman had been arrested and released from jail on stalking and false fire alarm charges, according to Merrimack police

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A woman being arrested for allegedly making multiple false 911 calls Saturday assaulted Merrimack, New Hampshire, police officers, the department said.

The woman, 40-year-old Karen Fiasconaro, fought with the officers trying to arrest her, kicking two and spitting at the face of one, Merrimack police said in a statement.

Fiasconaro had only just been released from jail the night before, according to police, who said she'd been taken into custody for stalking someone and raising a false fire alarm. Saturday's incident, which also involved alleged false reporting to authorities, therefore resulted in Fiasconaro being charged with breaching the conditions of her bail.

Police said Fiasconaro called 911 multiple times on Saturday about 12:15 p.m. to say a man was trying to get inside her home. She allegedly refused to allow the officers who had arrived inside her residence, cursing at them instead.

The officers learned it was a false alarm and tried to take Fiasconaro into custody when she violently resisted arrest, police said.

Fiasconaro is being held on preventative detention ahead of a court appearance at 9th Circuit Court, Merrimack Division, Monday to face the charges. It wasn't immediately clear if she had an attorney who could speak to the charges.

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