Octo Brrrr

After all that rain and wind over the weekend, you'd think our storm would have been able to tap colder air than we saw today. 61 in Boston? Hmph. Is that all the cold it could muster?

The shallow answer would be yes, but upon deeper inspection, that cool front that went through very early this morning already is working to cool us down. That was evident this late afternoon when Worcester was almost 10 degrees cooler than Boston (48 vs. 57)

Cold grips us through this late week with a gusty wind expected to make it feel like mid 30s tomorrow! Peak speeds should be on the order of 40mph as an upper level pool of cool air spins overhead. We'll settle the winds out on Wednesday, but the chilly air will keep highs a solid 10-15 degrees below normal.

Next storm up on Thursday has us thinking rain/snow lines. Yes, there will be enough cold left over to start off as mix or snow - even in Northern Mass. - before we change to rain. Not brave enough to talk accumulation in Mass or Southern NH, but my thinking now is that it wouldn't take much to get a coating in spots.

We'll keep sharpening the forecast in the days ahead.

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