Officers Save Man’s Life in Headquarter’s Lobby

Several police officers in Manchester, New Hampshire, came to the aid of a man who suffered an unknown medical condition while sitting in the police headquarters' front lobby. 

They noticed the 51-year-old man seemed pale Tuesday and looked as if he may have been sleeping. They weren't able to get a pulse, so they sprang into action and started emergency CPR.

An officer retrieved a defibrillator as others assisted with chest compressions.

Surveillance cameras captured the moment the man was shocked back to life.

"After we shocked him, it seemed to change what was going on with him," Mancheser Sgt. Peter Marr. "He seemed to start breathing a little bit again."

Marr was the first to see the man slumped in a chair.

"I've seen a bunch of dead people in this job and that's exactly what he looked like. Mouth was open and completely unresponsive," Marr recalled.

An ambulance arrived a short time later and took the man to a hospital, where he was treated for a possible heart issue.

In addition to Marr, three other officers are being credited for saving the man's life including Lt. Joe Mucci, Lt. Nicole Ledoux and Officer Victoria Catano.

Lt. Brian O'Keefe says the officers' swift and immediate actions most likely saved the man's life. The defibrillator stationed just feet away was also key. Each officer had been retrained on how to use it last summer.

"We were all here at the right time. And we're fortunate enough that we had the tools and the training and experience to help this gentleman at that point in time," said Ledoux.

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