One Last Hurdle

Another day in the sun for New England. Another week where the drought expanded to "moderate" in all 6 states.

While we bemoan the water bans and burnt lawns, we're also enjoying a stellar summer. Several strings of sunny days and mild temperatures have the Offices of Tourism in all New England states doing backflips.

The beautiful holiday weekend has been well advertised this week, but before we get there, there is a small item we have to address.

A cool front with thunderstorms is marching east out of the Great Lakes tonight. It will push the storms into Western New England by tomorrow afternoon and evening, with a small chance that some of those could become severe. Increasing humidity, a vigorous upper level storm system, and arrival during the heat of the day provide the perfect setup for numerous storms. Once again, our hopes build for the rain, but with the random nature of storms, I can't promise a soaking for every city or town.

Gusty winds scoot the humidity, storms, and front east first thing on Saturday for much of New England - with the exception of Eastern and Northernmost Maine, where showers may linger until early afternoon. It'll be a touch cool on Saturday, but strong early July sun will bake that out of the mix by Sunday and Monday.

All good for fireworks, grilling, parties and parades on all three days of the weekend. Have fun and be safe!

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