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Nervous About the Orange Line Shutdown? ‘Yes, Very.' Here's What Boston's Saying

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We've spoken to plenty of MBTA riders ahead of the unprecedented 30-day Orange Line shutdown, which begins Friday night — the closure will transform Boston, and not just for commuters who take the Orange Line.

"Hopefully I don't get killed by a car," said Nora Sheridan, who plans to take a bicycle to work for the first time with the trains not running. Asked if she was nervous, she said, "yes, very."

Watch the video above to see what she and other riders had to say.

Are Orange Line riders ready for this unprecedented shutdown? Are they feeling frustrated? NBC10 Boston's Cory Smith found out.

NBC10 Boston spoke to Orange Line riders during Friday's final evening commute before the shutdown begins at 9 p.m. We wanted to know, are they ready? Are they frustrated?

"Why are they starting it now and not, you know, this seems like a peak time for tourists and stuff," one woman told us.

"Sounds like a nightmare. Even talking about it sounds like a nightmare," another said.

"I'm definitely worried about being late," one man said.

Looking to learn more about the shutdown? We have lots to know here as we continue to cover how the emergency repair work affects Boston.

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The entire MBTA line will be closed from late Friday night through Sept. 18, directly affecting the commutes of over 100,000 people and likely slowing the commute of just about everyone who works in Boston.

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