Peculiar Pie: Maine Restaurant's Fried Pickle Pizza Goes Viral

The now-famous pie comes with ranch dressing, cheese and, of course, a generous serving of fried pickles

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Ham and pineapple, move over — there's a new pizza topping for foodies to debate.

Fairgrounds Pizza and Pub in Cornish, Maine, has gained national attention after posting a picture of its signature fried pickle pizza.

Yes, you read that correctly. The now-famous pie comes with ranch dressing instead of marinara sauce, cheese and, of course, a generous serving of fried pickles.

A squirrel stole slices of pizza from the back of a truck outside the Windsor at Miramar apartments in Miramar, Florida.

One of the restaurant’s owners, Chris Anastasiadis, posted a photo of the pizza on Facebook and he and his brother/co-owner were shocked when it began to reach thousands of people just hours later.

The massive response shocked the owners, who eventually took the post down.

"It just took off," Billy Anastasiadis said.

Billy Anastasiadis said he and the team at the restaurant work hard to take attention-grabbing images and creative menu items to keep customers interested and coming back.

"Most people nowadays, they eat with their eyes," Billy Anastasiadis explained. "Social media really matters … it has positive and negative effects but ... you can't beat it."

Our guest is in a pickle… business! Grillo’s Pickles CEO Travis Grillo tells us how he went from selling fresh pickles from a push cart on Boston Common to selling millions worth at grocery stores all over the country.

As for the secret to making a pizza that customers describe as "awesome" and "up there" on the list of craziest pizzas they've ever had, the family says it's all in the pickles themselves.

"You have to have a good pickle," Chris Anastasiadis said. "It has to be a dill pickle and it has to be lightly fried."

As for how the family would push the boundaries next, they point to a kielbasa mac and cheese pie already on the menu and a crab Rangoon pizza they say was popular over the summer.

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