Pets: A Companion for Life

A lot of people have reservations about bringing a new pet into their home, especially sight unseen, but for one Massachusetts woman, her rescue dog has become a great companion.

"Rudy is a black lab, dachshund mix. She's about 6-years-old and she's a rescue from Tennessee," Krysta Peplowski said.

Six years ago, Rudy was found alone and abandoned by the side of the road.

"She likes to ride in the car. She likes to stick her head out the window. She likes to play, but she's a pretty low-key dog at 6," Peplowski said.

Rudy is one of the hundreds of strays shipped north from down south every year. Peplowski said when she first came across Rudy on the adoption site Petfinder, it was clear the animal was headed to a kill shelter.

"We had been from the get-go set on adopting and rescuing a dog just because there's so many out there that need homes," Peplowski said.

It's been a number of years, but Rudy's owner says the adoption process was pretty easy, which was capped off by a home visit to make sure the adoption will work.

"You have to put down references. They call all of them and they talk to them. Ask you questions about your demeanor and what kind of person you are," Peplowski explains.

Rudy and Peplowski did not meet before they became a family, and there was some worry about whether they would get along. At first, the young dog was shy and reserved, but with Peplowski's patience and help, Rudy turned things around in a hurry.

"She thinks she's human. She likes to sit and watch people talk. She loves people and just being around people in a room," Peplowski said.

Rudy is a great companion. She may have been a shelter dog six year ago, but now she has found a permanent home.  

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