Phillips Exeter Academy Releases Letter Addressing Alleged Sexual Misconduct

Officials at Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire have released a letter addressing sexual misconduct allegations, which has resulted in police opening cases to investigate claims of misconduct by at least two former and current faculty members.

The letter, which was released Saturday, was emailed to the prep school's parents and alumni after it revealed a former teacher admitted to sexual misconduct in the 1970s.

The elite prep school said it's working closesly with Exeter police and are forwarding all allegations to them.

"As those charged with the stewardship of the Academy, the Trustees accept responsibility and are deeply sorry that this has happened," Principal Lisa MacFarlane and Trustee President Eunice Panetta said in the letter.

A law firm has also been retained by the school to investigate allegations; however, the prep school did not reveal the name of the law firm.

Late March, Phillips Exeter Academy announced that Rick Schubart, who taught history for 38 years, admitted to sexual misconduct after being forced to retire in 2011 and banned from campus in 2015 when the school received reports.

Exeter police say their ongoing investigation has resulted in more reports by alumni, and that they've added extra staff to investigate each claim.

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