TOGETHER APART: Mass. Residents Fight Coronavirus Together by Staying Home

Although the stay-at-home order has forced us to stay inside, we’re still together, in isolation, fighting this pandemic. Our photographer Mark Garfinkel and digital content producer Shira Stoll have traveled throughout the Greater Boston area, Sudbury, Newton, Ware and many other towns to share stories of residents who are staying home.

If you live in the surrounding Boston area and want to have your portrait taken, email Shira at and Mark at Please tell us a little about your story, include the town you live in and your phone number.

We will contact you to set up a time to come to your home. Don’t worry – we’ll stay outside and keep our social distance!

22 photos
NBC10 Boston/Mark Garfinkel
Diane Melendez and her grandson, Kevin Melendez Jr., 14, at their home in Lynn, Massachusetts.
NBC10 Boston/Shira Stoll
Jaimie Knife (middle right), is a single mom living with her 74-year-old mother, Sharon Browne (middle left). Her two children, Loudon Knife, 11 and Xandria Knife, 14, are pictured in the side windows of their triple decker East Boston apartment.
NBC10 Boston/Mark Garfinkel
Twins Logan and Brady Monteiro at their home in Malden.
NBC10 Boston/Shira Stoll
Laura DeBiase is a kindergarten teacher trying to continue to teach virtually, but also is tasked with teaching her own two kids at the same time. Mike and Laura DeBiase with their two daughters, Alice, 7, and Claire, 5, are seen through a window of their home in Watertown, Mass. on Tuesday, April 7, 2020.
NBC10 Boston/Shira Stoll
Cassie and Braden Peyman (bottom) with their three children Caiden, 8, (L) Lilly, 13, (middle) and Kimber, 11, (right) at their home in Ware.
NBC10 Boston/Shira Stoll
“I just had a new baby…. I delivered alone at BI, as the delivery ward had Covid-19 positive patients and I wanted my family to stay away,” Lindsey Mandyam of Watertown said. Her husband is a doctor at a Boston hospital and the couple also has two other children ages 2 and 3.
NBC10 Boston/Mark Garfinkel
Emily Cosin (middle), DJ Gaker (right), Finn Gaker, 8 months and
Isla Gaker, 27 months, with their nanny Zelina Eriksson (left) at their home in Newton.
NBC10 Boston/Mark Garfinkel
Abigail Moore, 7, and her sister MacKenzie, 3, at their home in Reading, Massachusetts.
NBC10 Boston/Shira Stoll
Don and Sherri Bacon with their cat, Wiggly Amos, at their home in Ware.
NBC10 Boston/Shira Stoll
Rachael Cerrotti, a documentarian and educator based in Newton produced a podcast titled “We Share the Same Sky” which follows her grandmother’s Holocaust survivor story. She said coronavirus has changed her life in some ways, but in other ways things remain the same. “If things were operating 'normally' I would barely have been at home in the coming months; my passport, audio gear, and cameras would be feeling wear and tear. Instead, it’s now my sweatpants and my coffee pot that are getting worn out."
NBC10 Boston/Shira Stoll
Shruti P., a single mom, with her two children Prahlad, 13, and Uma, 8, in their second floor Watertown apartment. When asked how coronavirus has affected her most, Shruti said, “Screens are definitely over utilized but we also have found moments during the week to share time together.” The family did not want to have their full last name published.
NBC10 Boston/Shira Stoll
Veronica, 4, Charles, 18 months, Cameron and Jeffrey Brazeau at their home in Ware.
NBC10 Boston/Shira Stoll
Amanda, Ruby, 2, and Patrick Hughes in their home in Ware.
NBC10 Boston/Shira Stoll
Colleen Cambier, a freelance video editor from Florida who recently moved to West Roxbury stands the back porch of her apartment. “I’m trying to train my brain to not get sucked into the negative and stay positive,” she said, after losing work due to coronavirus.
NBC10 Boston/Shira Stoll
Kevin Slattery, Sydney Slattery, 13, Melanie Zombik and
6-month old Camden Slattery at their home in Ware.
NBC10 Boston/Shira Stoll
Vasudev Mandyam, a Primary Care Doctor at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, with his son, Raja at their home in Watertown.
NBC10 Boston/Shira Stoll
John Morrin (R) with his two sons, Nick and John Jr. Morrin, and their dog, Reese, a 5-year-old jack russell terrier.
NBC10 Boston/Mark Garfinkel
Tony Printezis and Sanna Rautiainen-Printezi at their home in Waltham on Tuesday, April 7, 2020.
NBC10 Boston/Mark Garfinkel
Adriana and Grace Turner, ages 9 and 3 respectively, at their home in Cambridge, Mass.
NBC10 Boston/Shira Stoll
Raphaelle Cruz, with her fiancé Eric Yeaton and son Michael Cruz at their home in Sudbury.
NBC10 Boston/Mark Garfinkel
Nate and Savannah Monteiro with their kids, Logan, Savannah, Christina and Brady at their home in Malden.
NBC10 Boston/Shira Stoll
Lauren DeSantis, her dog, Bentley, 3, and Ava Jeffery at their dog kennel, Country Canine, in Ware.
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