Tropical Storm Elsa

PHOTOS: Tropical Storm Elsa Brings Torrential Rain, Flooding to New England

Flash flood warnings are in effect across most of New England

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Tropical Storm Elsa has brought heavy rain and flooding to areas across New England.

Police closed roads and warned residents to not attempt to drive through heavily flooded areas.

Here are some photos from the storm -- you can send your photos of the storm to

Water splashing on the side of a building
A person walks on the flooded streets near Boston, Massachusetts, after downpour from Elsa
An exit sign sits in flood water
Flood waters rise in Boston as a result of the storm
A car makes a huge splash driving on the flooded streets
Mark Garfinkel
A car makes a huge splash driving on the flooded streets
A person runs for shelter from the rain
Mark Garfinkel
People had to run to avoid being soaked by the rain as Elsa moved through Massachusetts
A man tries to avoid flood water by hanging onto his car door
Mark Garfinkel
A man clings to his vehicle's door to avoid stepping in the flooded street
A man runs down a bridge during Tropical Storm Elsa
Mark Garfinkel
A man runs down a ramp in the rain in the midst of Tropical Storm Elsa
Cars drive into a tunnel on Storrow Drive
Mark Garfinkel
Tropical Storm Elsa didn't keep people off Storrow Drive
A car drives through deep water on a flooded Kendall Street in Framingham
Perry Russom
Flooding on Kendall Street in Framingham is making it difficult to drive.
Flooding on Garfield Ave in Norwood
Kristie Smith
Flooding on Garfield Ave in Norwood, Massachusetts, has reached up to the undercarriages or cars.
Cars stuck in flood waters in Darien Connecticut
Darien Police Department
Cars stuck in flood waters in Darien, Connecticut.
Water flooding over the seawall on the coast of Connecticut
Norwalk Police Department
Police in Norwalk, Connecticut, are urging residents to avoid unnecessary travel. Calf Pasture Beach and Veterans Park were closed.
Car driving in East Hartford during Tropical storm Elsa
NBC Connecticut

The National Weather Service issued flash flood warnings for much of Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut for most of the morning, and in some cases into the afternoon. See severe weather alerts in your area here.

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