Pleading For Rain

APTOPIX Wacky Winter Weather

Cool front sliced through New England today with a 15 minute downpour and/or rumble of thunder...for the lucky ones.

Talk about a slap in the face. Not only was it barely enough to wet the ground, it was a waste of a lot of upper level energy.

That lift in the upper atmosphere could have been enough to support widespread storms and beneficial rains (in normal times). Instead, moisture was so lacking with this front, many of the showers couldn't even get started. So we had another taste of what we've seen all summer long: fleeting, rain-starved downpours that barely blotted out the sun for a few minutes.

Made me want to barf.

Now we're faced with the prospect of three dry days with very low humidity, further zapping the landscape of what little moisture remains.

We turn our weary, dry eyes to the Deep South where Tropical Storm Julia formed late last night. Unfortunately (and not surprisingly) there are two roadblocks that will keep Julia from visiting us: a stalled front and a big high pressure system.

Best we could hope for is that another cool front arriving on Sunday will slow to a crawl as some moisture from Julia gets drawn north. It's on a wing and a prayer (and fraught with maybes) but at this point, it's all we have.

Here's hoping.

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