Police Arrest 2 Shoplifters at Kohl’s

Both suspects were stopped before they could make off with the items


Police in Hooksett, New Hampshire, arrested two shoplifting suspects at a Kohl's store on Friday.

Amy Gagnon, 30, and Whitney Napoli, 28, both of Manchester, were caught on surveillance tape attempting to steal an array of items. Police were called to the store after loss prevention became aware of their actions.

Gagnon stuffed $274 worth of items into her purse, walked past the registers without paying, and then proceeded out of the store. She was stopped by a loss prevention associate. She was cooperative until police arrived.

Napoli attempted to walk out of the store with $197 worth of beauty products. She too was confronted and cooperated until police arrived.

Gagonon and Napoli were both arrested and charged with willful concealment. They were released on $1500 bail.

Thye'll both appear in court on Jan. 21, 2015. 

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