Police Fatally Shoot Pit Bull That Attacked Man at Lunenburg Animal Control

A police officer in Lunenburg, Massachusetts, shot and killed a dog that had attacked a man and wouldn't let go of his arm

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A police officer shot and killed a pit bull that seriously injured a man Monday in Lunenburg, Massachusetts.

The incident happened at the Lunenburg Animal Control facility. Police say the dog attacked the man, leaving him with injuries to his face and throughout his body.

After a pit bull attacked a man, leaving him seriously injured, an officer fatally shot the dog.

The stray dog has been housed at the facility since last week. Just before noon Monday, police were alerted that the dog had bit the man several times and wouldn't let go of his arm.

Police say several attempts were made to stop the attack before the officer showed up and fired one round.

The victim was taken to an area hospital, but his condition Monday night was not clear.

Neighbors say they were horrified when they learned what happened.

"Unfortunately, things do happen like that," said neighbor Pamela Ewen-Pospisil. "You never know when it's going to happen."

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