Police Find Meth Lab at NH Auto Dealership

Police found the drug cooking ingredients while investigating motor vehicle safety inspection violations


Police investigating reports of motor vehicle safety inspection violations stumbled upon a methamphetamine lab at a New Hampshire auto dealership on Wednesday.

New Hampshire State Police went to Auto Alley in Derry around 10 a.m. Wednesday to execute a search warrant at the dealership and inspection station after learning that Auto Alley had been improperly transferring state inspection stickers among vehicles they owned or had sold. 

A search of the property revealed that a number of vehicles offered for sale had fraudulently issued inspection stickers affixed to their windshields.

In addition, while searching the business, state troopers discovered ingredients used to cook methamphetamine. A second warrant was obtained and evidence of drug manufacturing was seized. 

The Drug Enforcement Agency's Clandestine Laboratory team responded to secure the hazardous materials found at the scene.

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