Police Investigating After Shots Fired Near Children Heading to School

Residents say they're on edge after the latest gun incident in their Manchester, NH, neighborhood

Another shooting in Manchester, New Hampshire, has residents on edge, and police are still looking for the suspect who opened fire early Tuesday morning as children were heading to school.

Police say the gunfire erupted just after 7:15 a.m., which is the exact time kids in the area of Lake Avenue near Wilson Street are catching the bus.

Bullets hit an apartment building, but thankfully missed the groups of children and parents walking to school.

Taniesha Ramirez says she woke up to gunshots, terrified at what she as she looked out her window.

"I had seen a whole bunch of kids," she said. "They got down a little bit trying to look around to see who it was ... All the kids were scared cause they were just getting on the bus."

Police say no one was hurt, and residents are still in disbelief.

"It blows my mind, honestly," one resident said.

Besides striking an apartment building, two more bullets struck Moustafa Omar's black SUV.

"I'm so concerned because there is something going on, you know," he said.

In just the last week and a half, there has been a shooting on Rimmon Street that left cars riddled with bullet holes. A few days later and just a few blocks away, two police officers were shot. Then over the weekend, neighbors say police were in the area responding to another shooting.

Police are still searching for the suspect responsible for Tuesday's incident. Anyone with information is asked to call police.

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