Police: Man Tried to Sell Shotgun in Front of CVS

Police in Springfield, Mass. say 20-year-old Ricardo Baez had a 12-gauge shotgun and 29 shells in a suitcase

A 20-year-old man was arrested for trying to sell a shotgun and shotgun shells from a suitcase to "anyone" who would buy it, police in Springfield, Massachusetts, said.

Ricardo Baez, whose address is unknown, has been charged with possession a firearm without a firearms identification card, possession of ammo and improper storage of a firearm.

Authorities say Springfield Police's street crimes unit was alerted about a man wearing a Chicago Bulls jersey trying to sell a shotgun to "anyone" who would buy it standing near a CVS. Surveillance was set up, police said, and spotted Baez with a suitcase.

When the officers moved in and arrested Baez, they found the suitcase contained a 12-gauge shotgun and 29 shotgun shells, according to police. The gun did not come back as stolen, police said. 

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