Police: Man's 6-Year-Old Was in Car When He Was Drunk, Hit Car

No one was injured in the crash, and the child's mother picked him up from the scene

A New Hampshire man is facing charges after allegedly hitting a parked car and driving away while being drunk and with a child in his vehicle.

Manchester police say Jonathan Felch, 34, of Manchester, was driving his Ford Explorer Tuesday evening when he hit a parked Chevy Impala on Lincoln Street before turning on Silver Street.

Felch also damaged the passenger side of his vehicle and got a flat tire, so he parked the car on Silver Street and walked away from the car with his 6-year-old son, according to police.

Witnesses told police Felch threw an alcoholic beverage in the bushes before officers arrived on the scene, and police officers found a can of Twisted Tea near the crash site.

When police officer finally caught up with Felch, they determined he was under the influence of alcohol and also learned that he should not have been driving due to a past offense.

No one was hurt in the crash.

Felch was arrested and charged with a DUI, along with other charges.

The child's mother picked him up from the scene.

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