Family Hopeful About New Lead in Cold Case After Bags of Evidence Removed From Londonderry, New Hampshire Home

It's unclear why police searched a Londonderry, New Hampshire, home in connection to the 2015 murder of a Union Leader advertising salesperson.

The mystery of who killed Denise Robert has baffled investigators for more than two years, and the crime has haunted her family.

"I was thinking the case would probably go cold," the victim's brother, Tom Robert, said.

Investigators are hoping answers could come from a home on Kendall Pond Road. A search warrant was executed there on Thursday.

Investigators won't say what they were looking for or why they were there.

The New Hampshire Attorney General would only say that the search is connected to the ongoing investigation into the 2015 murder of Denise Robert.

Her brother says this new search gives the family hope.

"It was probably the best news that I've heard from the case thus far, and we're two years into it," Robert said.

Robert's sister was shot and killed in 2015 while on a walk in a Manchester neighborhood. There were few clues from the very start.

Robert says he knows nothing about the property or who lives there.

A woman who answered the phone at the home Thursday night told NBC Boston "we've done nothing wrong" and hung up.

The Robert family wants justice for the 62-year-old, and they hope Thursday's developments may hold the right clue.

"We just hope the Lord's taking care of her and we'll see her again someday," said Robert.

Investigators removed bags of evidence from the home, but they have not said what they found.

No suspects have been named in the case.

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