Residents at Home During Random Home Invasion

If you recognize this person, please contact police in Westford, Mass.

Police in Westford, Massachusetts, are seeking the public's assistance in identifying the man depicted in surveillance video, wanted for a home invasion.

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The individual was seen on video near the home on Pleasant St. on Oct. 21 around 10:25 p.m.

Police say the attack was random and the suspect went into the home through an unlocked door. Police believe the suspect knew people were home at the time, but went in anyway.

Wendy Gloyd and her wife say they're the victims of that home invasion.

"We were just watching TV like we normally would. All of a sudden I noticed the cats were acting a little erratic," said Gloyd. "I looked out towards the kitchen area and noticed our back door was open."

Gloyd says she and her wife went outside to look in their backyard. They say they didn't notice anything different at first, but found something missing when they went back into their home.

"The light was on in our bedroom and all our jewelry seemed to have been taken," Gloyd said.

In addition, Gloyd believes the suspect circled their house three times and could have been peeping in their windows. Gloyd says they lock up every night, but hadn't yet because they were still awake.

Gloyd says the suspect left a crowbar on their lawn. She's thankful they didn't catch him in the act.

"Knowing he had a crowbar, I'm glad I didn't encounter him or challenge him," she added.

In a weird twist, Gloyd adds that the suspect returned the jewelry and other belongings to their house in a trash bag a few days later.

If anyone recognizes this man, please contact Westford Police at (978) 692-2161, the the tip line at (978) 399-2072, or send an anonomous email or tip to Westford Police Detectives by clicking here

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